Inauguration of PowerLabDK

New test facilities for climate friendly energy technology is now inaugurated on the basis of visionary funding from Green Labs DK, EUDP, the industry and PowerLabDK partners. 

Thursday 15 March 2012
11:00 am
DTU, Lyngby campus

The inauguration was performed by Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard. 

The program included talks by:

  • Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard
  • President of DTU, Anders Bjarklev
  • Head of PowerLabDK Steering Commitee, Preben Jørgensen
  • Head of PowerLabDK Coordination Group, Professor Jacob Østergaard

From 12:15-3:00 pm there was demonstrations, poster exhibitions and a light lunch served.  

The exciting program included among other things Denmark's first electric vehicle with V2G and experiments with the world's most powerful amplifier of its kind. Demonstrations included online experiments in SYSLAB at DTU Risø campus, Østkraft's power grid on Bornholm as well as experiments in Denmark's only high power laboratorium at Copenhagen University College of Engineering.

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