29 MAR

Members of the Italian Parliament visits PowerLabDK

Tuesday 28 March a delegation from Italians second largest political party, Movimento 5 Stella (M5S), visited PowerLabDK. Interesting discussions on how to integrate...

24 MAR

PowerLabDK streams live at large PSA Groupe event

This week, the French car manufacturer PSA Groupe (the group behind Citroën and Peugeot) organised a large internal showcase of development projects in Paris. PowerLabDK...

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13 MAR

The future of electrical components in a digital society

Last Thursday on the 9th of March, Professor Vassilios Agelidis gave his inaugural lecture “Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy Systems for a Digital Society” as...

01 MAR

Frida Frost new head of PowerLabDK at DTU

DTU has appointed Frida Frost as COO for PowerLabDK —Europe’s leading experimental facility within electricity and energy solutions.

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01 MAR

EnergyLab Nordhavn demonstrates first grid integrated battery storage in Denmark

Later this afternoon a large battery connected to the main grid in Nordhavn is officially inaugurated. The battery is part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn project, developing...

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28 FEB

The future of high voltage and polytechnics

On Thursday, 23 February, Professor Joachim Holbøll gave his inaugural lecture “High Voltage Research and Polytechnical Educations – Relics of the Past or Future Necessities...

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30 JAN

One step closer to 100 pct. renewable energy

In 2011 the Danish government presented a new energy strategy for the horizon of 2050, with the aim of becoming independent of all fossil fuels and therefore 100 pct. based...

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26 JAN

Kick-starting electrical trains using floating magnets

A novel floating magnetic flywheel will reduce peak loads on the electricity grid when the train services in Denmark become fully electrified. The flywheel and the integrated...

Electrotechnology Energy Electromagnetism Energy storage Energy efficiency
24 JAN

PowerLabDK is looking for a new Chief Operating Officer

Do you want to work with business development, sales and marketing in an environment of ground-breaking knowledge and innovative technological solutions within the field...

13 JAN

New addition to the Electrical Vehicle Lab

Center for Electric Power and Energy has received one of the first versions of the DTU Roadrunner racecars.

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29 MARCH 2017