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A good start for the new study programme Design of Sustainable Energy Systems

Tuesday 10 Jul 18


Joachim Holbøll
Professor, Deputy Head of Center
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 15
A total of 162 people (52 first priority) have applied for the new bachelor education Design of Sustainable Energy Systems which is a very good start for a new study programme.

Besides the number of applications the distribution of gender among the first priority applicants is also very promising with 31 % female applications – which is actually exactly the same distribution of gender among all DTU students accepted in 2017.   

At Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro Professor Joachim Holbøll, Head of Studies for DTU’s new ‘Sustainable Energy Design’ BSc Eng programme, is very pleased with the number of applicants for the new education and he looks forward to welcoming them to DTU at semester start in the beginning of September.

In an earlier article Holbøll explained that the students on the programme will learn to design innovative energy solutions with the electrical system as the central element and including, for example, wind turbines, solar cells, electric cars, and storage. But the study programme also focuses on the new role of consumers as active players in the energy system, where solutions that break fundamentally with those we have become accustomed to for many years are emerging.

“Our goal is to educate engineers who can develop these solutions in a way that makes them economically, environmentally, and socially viable," Holbøll explained. 

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