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Drives and Converter Lab

Study, development and testing of electric components, machines and drives systems in current and future electric power systems.


Electrical converters are used in many technical areas such as electrical vehicles, wind turbines, utility grids and motor drives.

Converters can be tested for performance and functionality:
Performance includes efficiency, content of harmonics currents and cooling aspects.
Functionality test includes control stability and active-reactive power regulation.

Power components as building blocks for converters are tested and investigated for new converter topologies as well as non-typical applications.

We can also help design custom specified converters for your specific business or project.

Verification of converters and components for simulation models are important especially for higher frequencies which can be done in the lab.
technical specifications


Housing and testing infrastructure suitable for electrical machines up to 100 kVA.
The dedicated ground rail test place connects a number of resources either through the lab cells suited for testing individual components, dedicated power source or back-2-back testing of several components/units against each other.

Condition monitoring of electric machines and drives.
Based on vibration and electric signals analysis, based on BK Vibro and NI system signals ( such as accelerometers, torque transducers, current and voltage measurement and others) can help identify issues within geared drives and generate valuable warnings for developing faults, as thus significantly increase reliability.

20kVA comprehensive and versatile electric machine 4-quadrant test platform, with range of gearbox combinations, torque transducers and power analyzers with advance measurement and control capabilities.

Analog three-phase 7 and 15kVA 4-quadrant power amplifier with outstanding overload characteristics allowing versatile platform for PHIL tests, lab supply, component testing combined with grid studies.

Magnetic material characterization laboratory including Brockhouse Hystograph HG 200 with temperature control up to 200C. The laboratory provides on-demand investigation of hard and soft magnetic materials with full record of BH hysteresis curve, maximal energy product, thermal coefficients, loss measurements to name a few.

10kVA AirCon Wind turbine experimental setup suitable for drivetrain system integration, operation and control investigation.
The test bench, used among others to provide a cutting edge hands on education to DTU’s students, provides opportunity to investigate and/or optimize operation wind turbine generators and power electronic converters from PWM modulation variation all the way to the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) emulation.

Unique platform for High Temperature Superconducting power devices (eg. HTS motors/generators, HTS cables, SLCF etc…). PowerLabDK can provide cryogenic cooling system including dry concepts on demand cryogens, cryostats, high current power supply, nanovolt DAQ systems, etc.

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