PowerLabDK - Testing


In our modern laboratories we offer tests of electric components and equipment within all application areas and all power ranges up to MW-scale.

Tests can be conducted according to both national and international standards (IEC, IEEE, VDE, DS, etc.), e.g. development tests or pre-tests before a type approval. We also provide customized tests according to your specification, or to the solution our experts have helped you develop for your specific needs.
Examples of tests include: performance tests, compatibility tests, environmental exposure tests (thermal, mechanical, air pollution, EMC, etc.), shock tests (short-circuit lightning), life-time tests, etc.

For a view of applications areas please see our description of affiliated industries.

Tests can be done as a full-service by our in-house experts, or as a self-service where we just provide basic laboratory assistance. Read more about your service options here.

15 JULY 2024