PowerLabDK - smart community bornholm

Smart Community Bornholm

Test and demonstration of smart grid technologies under realistic and stressed conditions, corresponding to future renewable-based energy systems.
  • Fluctuating power test scenarios: Approx.30% wind power penetration (yearly average)
  • Realistic modeling: Equivalent to 1% of Denmark with regard to area, population and energy consumption.
  • Islanding operation capability.
  • Integrated part of PowerLabDK
  • Communication lines to PowerLabDK facility: Control Center Lab

The Bornholm Power System facility offers services as:

Full scale analysis, test and demonstration of: 

  • Distribution grid automation Customer behavior

  • Electricity markets

  • Wind turbine control

  • Frequency control

  • Wind power and PV integration

  • Electric vehicle integration

  • Islanding operation, loss of mains

  • Energy forecasting systems

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Technical data
15 JULY 2024