PowerLabDK - electric lab

Electric Lab

Study, development and testing of components and systems for future electric power systems

Comprehensive configurable Low Voltage (400V) grid with 22 Lab cells, different energy resources and large experimental halls for flexible electric experiments. The dedicated grid connects a number of resources with the lab cells suited for testing individual components or concerted testing of several components/units against each other.

Powerful three-phase 150kVA 4-quadrant power amplifier with unique characteristics for test, lab supply and combined grid studies.

The Electric Lab facility is strongly linked to central SCADA system and other PLDK facilities as Student Lab,Intelligent Control Lab, SYSLAB and Bornholm Power System.

Training & Education

The Electric Lab can especially in connection with Power Student Lab and Intelligent Control Lab be used for training and education activities as:

  • Flexible electrical power experiments
  • Student projects
  • "Hands on" training courses
  • Power System Operator Training


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Electric Lab Location

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Technical University of Denmark
Building 329, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

15 JULY 2024