Energy System Simulation Lab

Our lab consists of a Real Time Digital System Simulator (RTDS) with the capability of simulating power systems with 480 buses, carrying out closed loop hardware-in-the-loop tests and implementing real time solutions e.g. wide area assessment of stability and security of sustainable power systems.This will allow the user to develop and test digital control solutions under normal and abnormal conditions as well as making systematic tests of solutions in very high number of cases (due to the real-time capability).

  • Simulation of blackouts and power drops in electrical networks.
  • Tests and changes of electric power production to remedy faults.

The lab also includes a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, which enables us to analyze more advanced data faster and thereby expands the capabilities for developing and testing new digital energy solutions. The usages of the HPC cluster include for instance:

  • Calculations on large scale energy networks
  • Analysis of big data on electricity markets
  • Advanced forecasting methods and development of model predictive controllers
  • Novel machine learning algorithms

15 JULY 2024