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PowerLabDK offers you access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities for development, testing, training and demonstration of electric power and energy technologies.

The PowerLabDK facilities are available by entering a self-service or a full-service agreement.

Self-service model

The PowerLabDK self-service model is for you who can manage and want full control of your test or demonstration. PowerLabDK’s technical staff will give you the safety training and instructions on how to operate the equipment.

Benefits include:

Self-monitoring of the job

Use own equipment in the facilities

Use own specialists for the task

Hiring in other specialists for the task

Full confidentiality

Full-service model

The PowerLabDK full-service model is for you who want our in-house experts, with the technical and scientific skill, to carry out your test or demonstration for you. Assistance in presentation of results for a third party can be arranged.

Benefits include:

Outsourcing of tasks that are beyond your or yours company's own competences 

Outsourcing of tasks that require specialized knowledge or special skills 

Have the test or demonstration carried out in well-known experimental facilities

Have a test report with a quality stamp from PowerLabDK specialists


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