Electric Vehicle Lab

The Electric Vehicle Lab (EV Lab) has been established to support a wide array of EV integration and technology services. The lab is specialised within two core areas:

1. Electric vehicle power system integration: Covers the electric connection between an electric vehicle and the electrical network to which it connects. This includes smartgrid, interoperability and power measurement studies.

2. Electric vehicle enabling technology: Covers the electric components and technologies important to the operation, performance and cost of the electric vehicle. This includes R&D and equipment testing.

 PSI areas  ET areas


  • Electric vehicles – Serial produced and open platforms.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure – Serial produced and open platforms
  • Lab space and interfaces – Dedicated lab space and interface to other PowerLabDK facilities.
  • Metering equipment and databases – Logging equipment in vehicles, infrastructure and backend systems.
  • Test equipment – Testing towards contemporary EV standards.


NIKOLA Ausage patterns Electric measurements and analysis
NIKOLA standardization Infrastructure interoperability
NIKOLA Grid Service Smart grid integration

Projects/Industry collaboration

Cotevos NIKOLA EURISCO Nuvve seas nve Nissan Thiim



Peter Bach Andersen
DTU Electrical Engineering
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25 OCTOBER 2016