Electric Lab

Technical Specifications

Comprehensive configurable LV grid with 22 LabCells and different energy resources: The purpose of Electric Lab is to offer a flexible and reconfigurable test bed for fundamental study, development and testing of component and systems relevant to the future electric power system anticipating a market based power system relying increasingly on distributed and intermittent resources.

Flexible grid structure: Electric Lab constitutes a flexible and reconfigurable triple bus dedicated grid structure rated at up to 400V/200A per bus. The dedicated grid connects a number of resources with 22 lab cells suited for testing individual components or concerted testing of several components/units against each other. Each lab cell is fitted with a standard panel offering the following: access to three buses including monitoring of 3-phase voltage, current and power; access to other basic resources such as water, natural gas, hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, forced cooling and pressurized air; access to high speed (Gbit/s) wired communication lines as well as wireless coverage.

Powerful three-phase  150 kVA 4-quadrant power mains with unique characteristic for test, lab supply and combined grid studies:  Ideal and disturbed voltages up to 150 kW continuous as source and 42 kW continuous as sink. High peak load-ability (1.2 MW). Very fast slew rate (>52 V/ms). Large signal bandwidth (DC – 5 kHz). Very low internal resistance.  

Large experimental halls for flexible electric experiments: Resources that may be connected to each lab cell are: a unique 600kVA 50/60Hz rotating generator; a 100kVA rotating generator; a variable frequency, three phase 150kVA 4-quadrant electronic power supply; a real time digital system (RTDS) with the option of connecting this with hardware in the loop and a powerful blade server configured with a platform for testing control architecture as well as control strategies.

Supervision of experiment: The configuration of a particular experiment in Electric Lab can be overviewed from a single local computer and from a central SCADA system wherein personal safety as well as data security is an integrated part. From a dedicated SCADA system in the Control Lab Electric Lab may be accessed and reconfigured alongside Student Lab. Experiments in Electric Lab may through Intelligent Control Lab be strongly linked to experiments at SYSLAB and Bornholm Power System.

15 JULY 2024