Safety for PowerLabDK facilities at DTU Lyngby Campus


Every access and use of a test facility must be done according to the safety regulations and procedures for the specific facility, and must have been agreed with an authorized person. However, make sure that you have received permission and updated safety instructions before you actually access the facility. 

Every test setup requires a Work Site Permit (WSP), which contains information about the purpose of the test, the equipment, safety regulations and an overview of who is responsible for what. 

The WSP has to be approved and signed by the authorized person responsible for the laboratory, an administrative coordinator and the authorized expert as showed in the following workflow:


Access to the labs is managed by use of standard DTU access cards. The responsible person for access cards at the department can activate an existing access card or provide a guest card and thereby grant access to the labs, but only if explicitly ordered by an authorized expert (see the safety regulations and procedure).

The authorized expert must ensure that the person getting access has been instructed in advance in accordance with the safety regulations and procedures.