High Power Lab

Technical Specifications
  • Tests laboratory designed for conducting 1, 2 or 3-phased short-circuit tests; with short-circuit currents up to 50 kA in 1 second.
  • The high-power laboratory at DTU Diplom, Ballerup Campus is designed for conducting various short-circuit-tests. From a 10kV main supply, the high-power laboratory is supplied through two parallel transformers, to a short-circuit supply up to 3 X 690V.
  • Measurements of voltages and currents are possible at very high accuracy and in many channels. The short-circuit currents are obtained by Rogowski coils and digital integrators.

Safe Testing environment: 

  • The high-power laboratory building is specially designed and secured with the purpose to resist the effects and make it secure when completing high current and high power testing.
  • Some specific experiments in the high-power laboratory could be testing switchboards, breakers (protection relays), cables, measurement equipment etc.

Safety rules and procedures for High Power Lab at DTU Diplom Ballerup Campus. 

Testing of large equipment:

  • Equipment up to 4m x 4m x 4m can be brought into to the laboratory for testing. Even larger equipment can be tested if build up inside the laboratory.
30 MAY 2024