Technical Specifications

SYSLAB consists of four interconnected sites comprising:

Distributed Energy Resources: 2 wind turbines (11kW and 10kW), 3 PVplants (10kW, 10kW and 7 kW), Diesel generator set (48 kW / 60 kVA).

Energy storage: 15 kW / 120 kWh vanadium redox flow battery

Energy loads: Controllable loads (75 kW, 3 x 36 kW). Connected to the PowerFlexHouse facility, an intelligent office building as well as two domestic houses with controllable loads (10 to 20 kW). The SYSLAB facility is further interconnected with the NEVIC electrical vehicle test facility at DTU/Risø. The NEVIC facility includes chargers for electrical vehicles and has access to an increasing fleet of electrical vehicles used for test purposes and internal transport between PowerLabDK facilities.

Layout: Distributed energy sources and load are all connected in one distributed control and measurement system that enables very flexible setup with respect to experimental configuration. It allows grid connected operation or isolated operation, operation in parallel with wind turbine or PV-plant.


Electrical Layout SYSLAB


SYSLAB also provides an infrastructure for measurements and data acquisition. It can be used for testing and characterization of equipment includes measurement devices installed in the switchboards and signals from the battery control system. SYSLAB can also be used as part of a Virtual Power Plant or otherwise accessed externally, which makes it possible for SYSLAB to part of a large experiment
22 APRIL 2024