Digital Energy Lab

Digital Energy Lab

Our Digital Energy Lab will enable management of energy data from smart buildings and communities.

We are currently working on building a digital energy lab that will be able to sample and collect data from the Danish energy system and manage it through our energy data warehouse. The lab will be designed to be a big data platform using Casandra, Kafka, and Spark software from Apache Software Foundation; recognized for its scalability and performance. This platform will give researchers, students, and industrial partners access to a unique collection of real time data management for research and innovation.

  • Real time data collection
  • Real time data streaming
  • Access rights management

The lab also includes a high performance computing (HPC) cluster, which enables us to analyse more advanced data in much shorter time and thereby expands the capabilities for developing and testing new digital energy solutions.

  • Calculations on large scale electrical networks
  • Analysis of vast data on electricity markets

We plan to have the Digital Energy Lab completely in place by medio 2022. Still, we urge our customers and collaboration partners to contact us for relevant testing and demonstrations as several energy data from different living labs and smart communities will be stored continually throughout the process. 

All energy data will be collected in a DMS called EnergyDataDK. Visit the website and follow our progress here.

Development project funded by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program

The overall vision of the Digital Energy Lab is to develop advanced testing facilities and thus help accelerate the development of a Danish position of strength as one of the leading nations in data-driven solutions in the energy field and thereby enable an efficient green transition.

Digital Energy Lab will be built as a brand new digital layer on top of PowerLabDK's physical laboratory facilities. With this new infrastructure PowerLabDK will become a more significant test environment for new technologies, services and solutions within intelligent energy solutions with up to 100% VE installed.

Digital Energy Lab will provide access to real-time data from several different Living Labs as well as the possibility of connecting data to both real-time simulator, high-performance computing and advanced optimization and control algorithms, among other things based on machine learning and AI.

Project partners: HOFOR, Bornholms Varme, Gate 21, GreenLab, SusTech, DTU, PowerLabDK

Project period: 2019-2022
15 JULY 2024