PowerLabDk - power student lab

Power Student Labs

Flexible teaching and work space

32 fully equipped student power work spaces:

  • Standard work space for up to 32 students
  • Equipment relevant to performing experiments, test and measurements is available
  • Access to power, both single phase and 3-phase
  • Protection and emergency buttons
  • standard energy and power meters, multi meters
  • Multipurpose digital data acquisition units 
  • Visualizing equipment such as scopes and computers

Connection to other Power Labs:

At any given moment the Power Student Lab draws on the equipment, expertise and projects that are in house in one of the other Labs. In particular Power Student Lab links to the Control Lab in an integrated way whereby the combination of the two becomes state-of-the art learning lab.

Educational Services of Power Student Lab include:

  • Basic power training and education
  • Student power projects
  • Power safety courses
  • Power operator training

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15 JULY 2024