EV Lab can offer a number of services based on the laboratories infrastructure (see technical specifications) and the specialized expertise and skills of the EV Lab researchers.

NIKOLA Ausage patterns

Electric measurements and analysis

EV lab can investigate the electrical connection between the electric vehicle battery and the electric network to which it connects. EV Lab can record and analyze data in the following studies:

1. User charging patterns - Understanding user charging behavior
2. Charging efficiency - Quantifying energy losses from outlet to battery
3. Power quality impacts – Uncover any adverse effects caused by EV charging

NIKOLA standardization

Infrastructure interoperability testing

EV lab staff has a strong history in interoperability studies investigating the compatibility between EV, Cable and EVSE. This service includes:

1. Interoperability testing – Is a certain component (EV,EVSE,Cable) compatible with other components.
2. Conformance testing – does a certain component conform to a certain standard.

NIKOLA Grid Service

Smart grid integration

EV lab infrastructure and staff have been part of numerous smart grid projects. In such projects it has been proven that the EV, with certain enabling technology, can be used as an active resource to support the power system. EV lab can be used in studies on:

1. Distribution level integration – The EVs role in the local-scale power network
2. System-wide integration – The EVs role on a system-wide scale


Emerging EV technologies test and development

EV lab aims to cover research and development on the electric components and technologies important to the operation, performance and cost of the electric vehicle. The lab holds equipment and competences useful for studies within:

1. Battery – The components that connect to and manages the battery
2. Propulsion – The components part of the vehicles propulsion system
3. Ancillary – Other electric systems in the vehicle

Case: Nissan, Power and energy services testing

PowerLabDK/EV Lab infrastructure was used by Nissan in connection with the 2nd V2X Forum, 2014. Nissan used EV Lab to demonstrate Nissan V2G technology to a large professional audience.

The demonstration consisted of the Nissan leaf and e-NV200 providing power to PowerFlexHouse (office building) through an Alir power DC charging unit.

15 JULY 2024