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E-mobility grid integration

We provide a broad range of services for the electrical vehicle industry. We facilitate knowledge sharing, product development and strategy planning regarding all relevant factors in grid integration.
Grid readiness
We offer tests of your equipment (both vehicles and chargers) to make sure it qualifies to be an active part of the energy system - not only pulling power from the grid but also assisting the grid. This includes evaluation of components which directly supports the transmission of electric energy between grid and battery.

Interface between grid and vehicle
Electrical performance efficiency and power quality tests of the electric connection of the interface, i.e. between the energy system and the charger, as well as between the charger and the vehicle. These tests will help streamlining the interface and meter potential power losses.

Communication interface
Tests and validations of your grid-to-vehicle communication standards, including vehicle, charger and cloud proceedings to optimise, extend and improve your communication interface.

Controllers and grid applications

Prototyping and development of controllers and algorithms for grid applications. We offer to develop and improve the software that regulates your grid integration. This includes both regulations in proportion to renewable energy as well as incorporating user data such as charging patterns for grid optimisation.

User data and business models

A study of user data e.g. charging patterns will show how to optimise your business model and the availability of the vehicle for the grid, by adjusting the levels of charging and consumption. We offer to help collect and analyse your user data for grid optimisation - including input for aggregators.

Marked integration consulting

We offer our expertise on market integration of electrical vehicles. This includes support and consulting on market regulations and barriers regarding market participation for aggregated fleets of electric vehicles.

If you are planning to enter the market but are concerned about how to sell in the capability of your fleet, we offer our expertise and experience on how to push through in the most cost-effective way and still comply with requirements and regulations.

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