PowerLabDK - solar energy

Solar energy

Our facilities are tailored tailored for a number of tests and improvement activities regarding system integration of solar energy.

Optimising the solar power in the energy system
With an experimental facility based on a distributed energy system, that includes three 10kW solar power panels, wind turbines and consuming buildings, we are able to test and optimise solar power in a larger grid-related perspective.

A distributed positioning of our solar panel facilities makes it possible to perform experiments on the distribution of solar power in the energy system.

Linkage between our distributed testing facility and batteries as well as electrical vehicles (V2G/GIV) offers access to experiments with storage of solar power and how to utilise this storage in the system.

We offer testing and demonstration of the solar panel and battery connection, that reflects your specific energy system. We can test the value of including batteries in your specific setup by emulating your system in our lab based on real components.

Island systems can also be tested thanks to our diesel generator.

We offer tests on how to create flexibility in your energy system by the use of either batteries, flexible consumption, optimising the export/import conditions or alteration between different sectors of the system.

We also offer regulations related to payment and a more optimised electric bill.

Stabilising the power quality
We offer test, modelling and demonstration of strategies to secure solid power quality in your energy system. This includes tests of inverters for voltage regulation and stabilisation.

Testing the electrical performance of the inverter
We also offer assessments of your individual inverters to test for frequency and voltage deviations.

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15 JULY 2024