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Smart buildings and appliances

This industry is focused on the end-user and the products that are close to the consumers. Here it is of the essence to be able to stage a user perspective of the industry and in particular to back this perspective with the necessary supporting technology. Our service within this field involves testing and demonstrations of products and concepts for the consumers.

Mapping of driving patterns. We can assist you in mapping both user based driving patterns or in collecting relevant data to use in a broader perspective like traffic directing.
We also assist with user interface guidance and development. We can help you developing the right form of communication with the user of your product. This also includes control of loading and discharging the vehicle as well as synchronisation with the household.

Read more about how PowerLabDK can assist you within the field of electric transportation under the E-mobility industry or have a look at our Electric Vehicle Lab.

We offer to measure the efficiency and response time of your heat pumps, and to help modelling the thermal response of concerned buildings (thermal interia).

Fuel shifts – we offer to optimise the operation in correlation to available gas, heating, electricity as well as battey storage and the prices of these.

Techno-economic analyses. PowerLabDK has facilities that are capable of collecting and analysing data to estimate a relevant business case for your future development. We offer modelling and simulation of different scenarios to meet the demands of your specific product.


It is important to use the power when it is available. Turning the current way of thinking about consumption upside-down, we offer to help you develop software that can regulate the consumption of electricity in the building by literally using the power when the sun shines or the wind blows.

Battery testing and regulation.

We can help test the capacity of your batteries and how to best regulate your batteries to match the demand. Additionally we can help you pool a selection of batteries to secure optimal usage.
This involves measuring the condition, health, power quality and general performance of the battery as well as designing and optimising the operation of the battery. We run these tests on all sizes of batteries, from small in-house batteries to large batteries at hospitals and other institutions.
We can help optimise the operation compared to strain, loading and here-and-now electrical prices, and we dimension the battery in proportion to production, desired consumption and future setting.

Building Interface

We can help develop interfaces for building appliances e.g. heat pumps, heating panels, washing machines, refrigerators and other devices to gather information on status and condition of the smart home devices.
The interface could include an overview of operations, e.g. if the washer is running a programme, as well as the option to start or date a given programme. Not to mention that there could be installed some intelligent software to gather data of usage and create user patterns for the devices. A intelligent smart home could also involve for the device to operate and adjust according to electricity costs of the current market

Visualizing energy consumption
On the basis of collected relevant data, we can provide the knowledge on where to narrow your focus in your visualization of friendly user information.
We can assist you on how to create a platform that shows the energy consumption in a collective overview to minimize questions and misunderstanding.

With the use of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and many other control systems and databases, including our expertise on communication protocols, we are able to run a broad range of tests and different scenarios to display a variety of interface examples.
We are also able to mix virtual data with real data to create a more realistic prototype.

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