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Energy analytics and business models

At PowerLabDK, we can offer necessary data, computing facilities as well as advisory expertise for the evaluation of market-related solutions and business models.

Strategies in wholesale electricity markets
As participation in electricity markets is becoming more complex, owing to changes in market dynamics and new opportunities, one may have to rethink offering strategies. Typical examples include wind farm portfolio managers offering in both energy and ancillary service markets, offering strategies for combined heat and power plants with multiple revenues streams (heat and electric power), or procurement strategies for flexible electricity consumers and aggregators.

Business cases for demand response
While many invest in electric demand response as a flexibility solution to support integration of renewable energy generation, new business cases are to be proposed and validated. This may require access to extensive datasets and adequate modelling framework.

Business cases for integrated energy systems
More broadly than demand response alone, new business models may jointly consider provision of gas, electricity, heat (etc.) to various types of customers, in a bundle format.

Business cases related to information management
Data and information collected at wind farms, solar sites, consumers, etc., may be highly valuable in the management of modern and future power systems. Ideas related to valuation and marketing of data and information may be benchmarked.

Investment and portfolio management strategies
With uncertainties of various nature (weather and climate, regulation, etc.), it may be difficult today to make optimal investment decisions. Investment strategies and/or specific investment decisions may be benchmarked, in an efficient and robust manner.

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15 JULY 2024