PowerLabDK - transmission and distrubution

Transmission and distribution

It is all about system stability and reliability. With the technology available in our PowerLabDK facilities we are able to help you secure a more reliable operation of renewable and non-renewable based energy transmission and distribution.
Load flow and time domain simulation of power systems
We perform tests of power systems and of power system components. By bringing the power system into our real-time digital simulator (RTDS) - the most powerful one in Europe - we are able to simulate system behaviour under all conditions. This makes us capable to test different realistic situations and scenarios that would be too risky to test in the real system.

Through application of phasor measurement units (PMU), we can help you analyse the grid in terms of flow and stability. We can analyse and specialise which PMU’s you should install where and how, depended on the sort of measurements that needs to be done. We can screen for different forms of stability assessment and potential unstability or collapse. By extension, we offer advice on how to right and regulate the power connections in order to regain a secure and reliable condition.

We also offer real-time power system testing operated by our Real Time Digital Simulator, which makes it possible to test different scenarios in real-time without endangering the actual system. Our highly specialised computer also has software installed that makes it possible to extract real-time PMU assessments.
Using our RTDS, we can help you predict how the grid will respond to for example an increase in renewable energy or a decrease in power plant regulation. We can also test and demonstrate how synchronic compensators will work in the grid.
Last but not least, the RTDS is used for developing and optimising relay protections. We can assist in designing protection for the future power system by testing the development in different real-time scenarios of future conditions through hardware-in-the-loop testing, which means that we connect the power system simulation with real components to track its performance.

Dynamic rating
We offer modelling of components for dynamic rating in order to reach optimal utilisation of the transmission grid. This includes all associated components e.g. overhead lines, cables and transformers. Through thermic-electrical testing we can develop and verify component models to help you utilise and exploit them to a greater extent than you previously have.

Lightning protection

Our lightning testing facilities mainly concerns wind turbine systems and components. We offer basic modelling of components under transient conditions as well as tests of lightning protection under laboratory conditions. This can be done on different levels from material investigations to prototyping.

Component tests
We offer both tests of general performance and condition of power components, including diagnostic studies of partial discharges (PD), losss and space charges. We also perform both voltage and current load tests at nominal level and under overstress. We evaluate your product by testing how it behaves under both normal conditions and under excess conditions.

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22 APRIL 2024